30 Single Family Home Communities in Boynton Beach with NO HOA

If you are seeking Single family home communities in Boynton Beach with no HOA (Homeowners Association), you are one in a multitude of homebuyers in Palm Beach County seeking fewer restrictions, individuality, and more space.  In fact, I will go ahead and call this a “unicorn” property since it’s very likely that this magical non-HOA governed single family home must also be non-defective, completely renovated, and under $300K in Boynton or Delray Beach.  Good luck waiting on an REO or Short sale to pop up these days! Unless you have a substantial amount of cash to back up a majestic offer on a distressed property, I would start looking elsewhere – Not to mention, Fannie Mae is crushing dreams one buyer at a time early this month.  On October 7th 2014, Fannie Mae is discontinuing it’s HomePath program which offered mortgage financing for renovations on select  REO properties.

I’m not saying this is a pipe dream AND I’m not saying Unicorns do not exist (In reality, they are fat and gray, and less eloquently called rhinos).  HOWEVER, I am suggesting that you are a little late to the rodeo and may need to rope up a good pony when you see one before everyone else does.

Single family home in Boynton Beach No HOA

Single family home 3577 Pandora Ave, Boynton Beach FL  located in the West Boynton Subdivision sold by the J Alexander Real Estate Group.

Here’s a list of 30 Subdivisions in Boynton Beach with NO HOA ($100k-$7M in no particular order). All of the listed single family communities below welcome all ages:

  1. Boynton Heights
  2. Boynton Hills
  3. Boynton Isle
  4. Bowers Park
  5. Beachway North
  6. Chapel Hill / Forest Hill
  7. Cherry Hills
  8. Cranbrook Lake Estates
  9. Coquina Cove
  10. Debonaire Estates
  11. Forest Park
  12. Golfview Harbour
  13. Gordon Park
  14. High Point
  15. Lake Eden
  16. Lakeside Gardens
  17. Lake View Haven
  18. Las Palmas Landing
  19. Lee Manor Isles
  20. Ocean Shore Estates
  21. Ocean Ridge Beach
  22. Palm Beach Farms
  23. Pelican Beach
  24. Rolling Green Ridge
  25. Seacrest Hills
  26. Venetian Isle
  27. Westchester Heights
  28. West Boynton
  29. Woodside
  30. Woodcrest Manor

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