30 Single Family Home Communities in Lake Worth with No HOA

Single Family Home in Lake Worth No HOA


Lake Worth is located south of West Palm Beach and north of Boynton Beach in Palm Beach County Florida. The city of Lake Worth is known for its eclectic charm, beaches, revived downtown (Lake Ave), antique and speciality shops, historic districts, and concentration of over 1,000 cottages and bungalow style homes.

Are you looking for a home with charm in Lake Worth FL without a Home Owner’s Association? Here is a list of the 30 best single family home communities in Lake Worth with No HOA:

1. College Park

2. Town of Lake Worth

3. North Lake Worth

4. Parrot Cove

5. Ixora Gardens

6. Lake Clarke

7. Groveland Park

8. Oakhill Estates

9. Lantana Heights

10. Mantyharju Lantana

11. Buffalo Hogs / Buffalo Heights

12. Lake Osborne

13. Hypoluxo Village

14. Florida Gardens

15. Palm Beach Farms

16. Palm Beach National

17. Flamingo

18. Kirkwood Estates

19. Palm Beach Ranchettes

20. Sunny Brook Acres

21. Blackwell Park

22. Floral Park

23. Island Estates

24. South Palm Park

25. Kirkview

26. Seminole Ranches

27. Seminole Manor

28. Palm Beach Ranches

29. Lanair Park

30. Atlantis City

31. Heritage Farms


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